3rd Class Engineer Written 032301
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Partial 3rd engineers exam (written) taken 03/23/01

1. Lay up a boiler wet method.

2. List 7 safety devices used with an automatic combustion control.

3. Oil - Fired boiler   Water tube  Give the formula for finding:
      A. total relieving capacity of the safety valves
      B. Mass. state horsepower

4. Define: Natural Draft     Induced Draft   Forced Draft

5. Percentage of nitrogen and oxygen found in air by volume and weight.

6. What do the following symbols stand for:  C - CO - H2O - SO2 - H2SO4

7. What are the combustibles in fuel?

8. Explain Impulse and Reaction principles in turbines.


9. What do the following do in an Impulse turbine:
      Nozzles - Stationary blades - Rotating blades

10. What is a pump shaft sleeve used for?

11. Name and explain 3 methods of non-destructive testing.

12. What is atmospheric pressure? When does water boil? (HINT: remember your press./temp relationship)

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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