3rd Engineers Written 2/27/2003
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Third Engineers Written Exam on 2/27/03

 1)     Why is phosphate used in the boiler, what effect does PH have on the phosphate and why?

 2)      a) There are two 300 horsepower boilers in separate locations, in the same plant; can a Third Engineer be in charge of this plant?

      b) Could a Third Engineer have charge if these boilers were in battery?

 3)      What is cavitation & what results does it have on the pump?

 4)      Explain how you would plug a tube in a water tube boiler? In a fire tube boiler?


       5)      When used in a boiler, the fuel oil flash point may be exceeded only when:

a)      Pumping the oil from the tank.

b)      Boiler is on maximum fire.

c)      A smokeless fire is desired.

d)       Readying the fuel for atomization.

 6)      Which one of the following condensers will have cooling water circulated thru it?

a)      Vent condenser.

b)      Surface condenser.

c)      Gland seal exhaust condenser.

d)      Main condenser.

  7)      What is excess air?

   8)      Why is boiler feed water treatment important?

         9)      What is the approximate calculation used to find out how many gallons are pumped in a  minute?

         10)  What is a turbine pump?


         11)  What does a volute pump do & explain in detail how it works?

         12)  What would be placed in the inner condenser drain loop to check that the valve is sealed properly when the ejector is in service?

         13)  What is heating surface and how is it determined?

         14)  Convert then following unmixed numbers into mixed numbers.

      45/8, 19/2, 32/4, 14/6

   15)  A coal fired boiler’s grate is 8 feet long and 48 inches wide. What is the surface area of the grate in feet?

 16)  What does chlorine in the boiler water mean?

        17)  What makes a safety valve pop?

        18)  What is a tachometer?

        19)   What is a British Thermal Unit?       

         Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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