3rd Class Engineer’s Test 08/21/01
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3rd Class Engineer’s Test      08/21/01 


  1. A grate 6 foot by 48 inches has a Horse Power of what according to state methods?
  1. How is turbine horse power defined according to the state Massachusetts?
  1. Which of these is a velocity compound turbine? Curtis, Rateau, or Parsons
  1. Describe a reaction stage in detail and draw the description of it.
  1. Name 5 benefits of  water wall boilers.
  1. What is a 3rd class plant in the state of Massachusetts?
  1. What is deareation?
  1. Give the basic formula for the volume output in gallons of a pump.
  1. The residual oil flash point is used to determine how much to heat the fuel oil for?  Atomizing, Centrifuging, Storage, or Pumping.
  1. What is the efficiency of an air heater?
  1. What is the efficiency gained by heating the feed water?
  1. What are the combustibles in fuel?
  1. Describe a hydrostatic test in detail.
  1. How do you check for tube tightness ?
  1. What is absolute pressure defined as?
  1. Name two bearings and describe what they do?
  1. Where are the code stamps located on an HRT boiler? A Scotch Marine?
  2. Name 3 ways of heat transfer and describe each briefly and give examples

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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