3rd Class Engineer’s Test 06/19/02
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3rd Class Engineer’s Test Written     06/19/02 

1) Can a stay bolt be welded?

2) What can you do with a third class license?

3) What is cold stacking and what affect does it have on the stack&breeching when you have an air preheater & economizer?


4) What is the BTU equivalency to horsepower?

5) Describe in detail how a safety valve pops open.

5a) What is the complete range of settings when the boiler is at 1000psi for three safety valves?

6) How would you start a non -condensing turbine.

7) How do you know when a throttle operated steam turbine is safe to operate?

8) By which principles do steam turbines operate in detail?

9) What is boiler HP according to chapter 146?

10) What is on the stampings of a power boiler?


11) What do these symbols mean: co2,co,h2,h20,so2,?

12) What is a condenser?  Name one and describe it?

13) What is a tachometer?  Where and how is it used?

14) Which has more sq heating surface, a three inch fire tube or three inch water tube? why?

15) How would you perform a hydro test in detail?

16) If your boiler water goes from 10 to 11in PH what happens to the PH count?

17) Describe an impulse turbine in detail.

18) What are some impurities in coal?

19) Why do we preheat boiler feed water?

20) Which uses more oil a high pressure boiler or a low pressure boiler?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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