3rd Class Engineer Written Exam 11/02/10
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3rd Class Engineer Written (11/02/10)

3rd Engineer Questions

1. What can you do with this license?

2. Describe a air preheater to me?  The type, efficiency, and were there located what they do.

3. What are the two test to determine fuel content?

4. What does the code say about safety vales and how many are on a boiler and there reliving capacity?

5. My friend is a great welder the best around but doesn't have a r stamp would u let him make a repair to your boiler?

6. How many BTU's in a boiler horse power?  Define boiler horsepower?

7.Describe a economize to me?  The type, efficiency, and were there located what they do.

8. What will you find on the boiler shell stamp?

9. Perform a hydro test on a boiler.

10.Superheaters, why do you need a steam flow threw them on light off and how do you put one online?

11. Start up of a small impulse turbine? Be complete and list every step.

12. Your chief engineer tells you the inspector is coming in 2 days prepare the boiler for a internal inspection.


14. The safety valve just blew, your presser gauge says your at set presser what do you do??

15. Calculate heating surface of a tube 14' long 5' wide?

16. What do you take in to consideration when calculating heating surface for water tube boilers?   Fire tube boilers?

17. What's a surface condenser, and why do you  have a injector placed on it.


18. What are three ways to figure boiler horse power according to Chapter146?

19. How does sulfur effect a plant?  2 ways

20. What requirement do you need to meet to be able to sit for this license?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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