MASS. 3RD Engineer Written Exam, 29 JULY 2004
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MASS. 3RD Engineer Written Exam, 29 JULY 2004

  1. If you have two reciprocating pumps, how can you tell which one is intended to pump HP fluids and which one is intended to pumps LP fluids?  How can the pumps be measures?
  2. What is phosphate used for in a boiler?
  3. How do you measure vacuum?
  4. What are the steam table headings?  What else can you find on a Mollier chart?


  1. List 5 important turbine auxiliaries and their functions.
  2. How many blow off valves are required on a boiler?
  3. What are CO, CO2, SO2, H2 and H2O?
  4. Which type of fan moves a greater volume of air, forced draft or induced draft?
  5. What can cause one or more bulges in a tube of a water tube boiler?
  6. How would you perform a hydrostatic test?
  7. A common unit of work in the US is the foot-pound.
    1. Define a foot-pound.
    2. How many foot-pounds are in one horsepower?
  8. What is the purpose of a thrust bearing?  Name two types.


  1. Why do we treat boiler water?  (Be complete)
  2. Describe how to take leads on a large main bearing.


  1. What does the term LOAD mean with regard to metals?
  2. What is the capacity in GALLONS of a cylindrical tank with a diameter of 8 feet and a length of 16 feet?  Show all work.
  3. A BARREL is equal to _______ gal. US.
    1. 16
    2. 32
    3. 42
    4. 60
  4. In a three-element feed water regulator, what three items are measured?  How will it respond to a sudden demand for steam?
  5. Describe the construction and operation of a single tube lifting injector.
  6. What is a rotor?

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