3rd Engineer Written 07/27/07
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3rd Class Engineer Written Test 07/27/07


2.    What is furnace heat release?


3.    What can you do with a 3rd Class engineer’s license

4.    Explain a reaction turbine?

5.    Explain how a surface condenser operates, and how it effects turbine operations.

6.    What is a quick way to find heating surface of a boiler?

7.    What is a rotary pump? How does it work?

8.    Describe two ways to find the content of a fuel?

9.    How Many BTU's in a horsepower hour & kilowatt hour?  What is PH?  If PH goes from 10 to 11 what does this mean?

10. What are the safety requirements as to number and capacity of a boiler?    625 sq ft of heating surface and is operating at 125 psi.

11. How is the heating value of fuel determined? Give two ways.

12. Is there a pressure drop on both sides of an impulse turbine blade?

13. Explain an oil relay governor?

14. How is a turbine determined to be 50 horse power by the state of Massachusetts?

15. What is the purpose of a main condenser? 


16. Which of these type of turbines are velocity compound turbine,  Curtis, Reteau, or Parsons ?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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