3rd Class Engineer Written Test 01/30/2009
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3rd Class Engineer Written Test 01/30/2009


1. List all chemistry tests (water tests) on a boiler and all chemicals used for each test.

2. What is the purpose of a huddling chamber in a huddling chamber safety valve?


3. What value below determines the burning of fuel  oil for proper atomization.

    a.  pour point

    b.  specific gravity

    c.  flash point

    d.  Viscosity

4. Boiler rated at 1000 MAWP.  There are three safety valves, what are the three setting?

5. When does a boiler need two blow down valves?

6. Two 300 lb boilers in two separates spaces, can a 3rd engineer be in charge?  The boilers are connected in battery.

7. What is caustic embitterment? What cause it?

8. How would you perform a hydrostatic test a boiler?

9. Convert 3 inches draft to psi.

10. When does a boiler require two main steam stop valves in the state of Massachusetts?

11. What does sulfur effect in fuel?

12. Given a diameter and length of tube - find heating surfaces.

13. Does water tube boiler and fire tube boiler have the same heating surfaces?

14. What action would you take when low you have a water condition in a boiler?


16. How much sensible heat is needed to convert 32F water to 1 lb of saturated steam?

17. How would you start a non-condensing turbine?

18. Name two ways to find the heating value of fuel?

19. What is cavitation? And what cause it?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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