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1st Class Engineer Written Test 09/21/1999


1.     What two types of radioactive sources are used on radiographic examination?

 2.     What type of film is used to test a power boiler?

 3.     What are the heat losses on a boiler?   Name at least five.

 4.     You need to order a blow down tank for a boiler that operates at 700psi,  the drum       is 42” in diameter and 20ft long.

 5.     What chemicals are used in an orsat test? How do you perform an orsat?

 6.     What is a gland seal condenser?  And how does it work?


 7.     What is an isochroous governor?  How does it operate?

 8.     Can you increase turbine output power by increasing the excitation?  How does an increase in the exciter effect the voltage?  Current and power?

 9.     List all the pipe connections on a blow down tank.

 10.  According to M.G.L. Chapter 146, what is the hp of a simple engine with:  18” diameter piston, 24” stroke, and 250rpm?

 11.  You have oil that weighs 6.9 lbs/gal; the A.P.I.  is  39.  What does one cubic foot of this oil weigh?  How many barrels would be in 100tons?

12.  You are going to gravity feed lube oil to a turbine bearing.  The bearing requires 8 PSI. and  the oil has a specific gravity of .69.  How high do you have to hang the oil above the turbine bearing?

 13.  On a magnetic particle examination, do you get better results if you take the reading parallel to the test area or 90 degrees to it?   What’s the difference between a continuous reading and a residual reading?

 14.  What are four major tests you would perform on boiler water?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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