1st Engineers Written 02/15/00
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 02/15/2000


1.     A Boiler with 700 PSI MAWP steam and water drum 42 diameter 24 long order a blow-down tank with the MAWP and gallon capacity needed following the National Board rules for blow-down tanks.

2.     List four turbine control devices and how they are connected.

3.     Convert 26 of vacuum to PSI

4.     Conduct an over-speed trip test on a large turbine driven pump.

5.     Two boilers with 14% CO2 8% O2 and 0 % CO both burning the same amount   and type of fuel. Would they have the same efficiency?

6.     You notice a gradual vacuum loss, what would cause it and what actions would you take?

7.     Steam passes through a pressure reducing station what happens to the following. 1Point each, A. Temperature  B. Pressure C. Enthalpy D. Superheat  E. Entropy

8.     What are the holes for in an impulse turbine?


9.     Order a new safety valve for a new boiler (Must be complete for any credit )

10.    What precautions must be taken before a man can enter a boiler to do maintenance?

11.    A boiler with a heat input must have what?

12.    Describe a vertical and horizontal shaft regenerative air heater, and explain operational problems with both.

13.    How do you know if the welder, welding on your boiler is doing so legally?

14.    List at least 5 heat losses in a boiler.

15.    How do you repair a bag in a boiler?

16.    How is the Hydrogen prevented from leaking out along the generator shaft of a Hydrogen cooled generator?

17.    What is exfoliation? And where in a boiler do you find it?

18.    List two ways a turbine is balanced, Explain one.

19.    What is power factor, can it be adjusted?

20.    There are several factors that determine a boilers output list and describe these factors. 


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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