1st Engineer Written 03/03/93
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 03/03/1993


1.) A scotch boiler has a head with a net area of 1400 inches squared, L = 40", SWP = 123 PSI,

stay diameter 1 1/4", Stress = 12,000. How many stays are required to support the head?

2.) What element are the following: Si, Mn, Mo, Cr, & Ti.

3.) What are the atomic weights of the following? Co2 , O2 , C , Co , So2.

4.) What is the amperage of a 3 phase generator , output 1222 kilowatts, 4160 volts, power factor .98.

5.) A generator operates at 3600 rpm at no load, governor has 1 % speed drop, what would the speed tend to be at full load?

6.) A generator has a 400 C allowable heat rise, inlet temperature to generator coolers is 800 C. What is the maximum operating temperature in degrees F.

7.) Define: Miscible, Adsorption, Cold end corrosion, R-value, Soluble.

8.) a.) Can you use a manhole cover not made by the boiler manufacture, yes or no?

b.) Does a boiler steam stop have to be a non-return valve?

c.) Can you install a 3 inch national pipe thread safety valve on a 150 PSI boiler?

d.) Are rupture discs allowed on boilers?


e.) Air receiver over 50 PSIi must be inspected annually. True or False?

9.) Can you repair ligament cracks in water tube and fire tube boiler, explain.

10.) Describe the operating principle of a throttling calorimeter?

11.) Steam at 380 psia at 8000 f (steam tables provided)

a:) What is it's internal latent heat?

b:) What is it's external latent heat?

12.) What condition would steam be in above problem if external latent heat was zero?

13.) How do you measure thickness of these fillet welds? See code.

14.) Welding rods E6010, E7012, E6020, E7018.

a:) What does E mean?

b:) What do the first two digits mean?

c:) What do 3rd & 4 digits mean?

15.) What are the two critical measurements of vibration equipment? What is a mil?

16.) Describe an actual rotor long alarm condition and an actual rotor short alarm condition?

17.) Describe over speed test of a turbine drive feed pump?

18.) Does state issue licenses to boiler inspectors?

19.) Write Dulongs's Equation and explain.

20.) Find the reliving capacity for a reducing valve 4", inlet 250 psi, outlet 50 psi, K=.40.   Chart provided


.Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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