1st Engineers Written 12/21/99
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 12/21/1999


1.     What are Newton’s popular laws?

2.      Is radial clearance more important in a reaction turbine or and impulse? If so why

3.      Boiler generates 5million pounds of steam a day of which 5% is lost to continuous blow down, calculate the total BTU’s lost. ( Water temp. is 400 degrees F.)

4.      What is absolute Zero degrees F

5.      What is a “dummy piston”, What is it’s role,. How does it function?

6.      2 different boilers, gas analysis give: CO 14.6, O2 8, Co, 0 use the same type and amount of fuel are there efficiency the same, if not why not?

7.      Place a generator in parallel?


8.      Perform and Over speed trip test on a large turbine feed pump.

9.      What is the difference between a routine repair and repair as defined for by the National Board?

10.  given: a 700 psi boiler, drum 36 dia,. length 24 feet,  what code would you reference to insure that a blow off tank was sufficiently built to handle this?

11.  After a repair has been made and inspected by the Authorized inspector what else must be done?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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