1st Engineers Written 10/27/94
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 10/27/1994


1.  In Ohm’s Law, what do the symbols E, I, and R stand for?

 2.  What is the specific heat of air and water?

 3.  What is grind ability of coal?

 4.  A coal bunker contains 72,000 cubic feet of coal.  Given 1 lb = .021 cubic feet.  How many tons of coal is in the bunker?

 5.  How much water is evaporated from a 250 HP boiler generating steam at 150 lbs with a feed water temperature of 120 degrees F, factor of evaporation is 1.139, and boiler is operating at 50% above rating?

 6.  How many foot pounds of work will 5 BTU’s do?

 7.  What is exfoliation?  What material is affected, where it would occur, what are its causes and side effects and what preventive maintenance can be done for it?

 8.  How many gallons per hour are pumped by a reciprocating pump that has a 6” diameter cylinder, 7.5” stroke and operates at 30 strokes per minute?

 9.  List four accepted field methods for measuring steam purity or quality.

 10.  A GE turbine main stop has an internal bypass.  What is it for and where is it located?

 11.  How many equivalent reaction stages would be required to do the work of

       one Curtis stage?


 12.  Give the calculations for a Scotch boiler.

 13.  You have a long run of pipe from the boiler to the prime mover.  Where will

       the pressure piping stamp be located?

 14.  How is expansion of the tubes in a condenser taken care of?  (3 ways)

 15.  Draw and describe a window patch.  When and why is it used?

 16.  What  is the weakest area (in regards to construction) of a bent tube water-

       tube boiler?

 17.  What materials make up babbit?  Give the purpose and percentage of each.

 18.  How much is plant capacity increased when a topping turbine is added?

 19.  What should the diametrical clearance of a carbon ring be on a turbine shaft?

 20.  How do you calculate the weight of a fluid flowing through an opening?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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