1St Engineer Written 10/20/00
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 10/20/2000


1.   What is stress in metal?

2.   What is the HP required for a feed water pump that is 80% efficient

       supplying a boiler with 200 psi?

3.   What environmental impurities in steam and water that can cause stress

       corrosion cracking in a steam turbine?

4.    What is the axial clearance of a thrust bearing and why?

5.    What other loadings besides internal loading pressure in a boiler are there?

6.    Name at least five boiler losses.

7     How do you start a condensing turbine?

8.    Explain how a speed governor works with an extraction turbine?

9.    What are the major losses in steam turbine?


10.  Explain how labyrinth packing works and draw a picture.

11.   Explain an impulse turbine.

12.  If a welder is qualified to repair a tube does make him 

       qualified for other welds?

13.  Give some reasons why you as an engineer would be concerned 

        about heat transfer being impeded in a boiler.

14.  When should an air tank be inspected according to the commonwealth.

15.  Give some reasons why you would use a reheater.

16.  What is the flash point of oil?

17.  As an engineer why would it be important to monitor the various

       pressure stages on a turbine?

18.  Find the volume of hydrogen in a tank.

19.  With two boilers both at 100 hp one operating at 50 psi and the other

        at 100 psi would both safety valves be the same size?

20.   Describe what is on a Mollier chart.


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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