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1st Class Engineer Written Test 09/01/2006


     1)    What is the relationship between water drum and super heater in regards to pressure?  On average, what are the safety valve settings relative to each?

 2)    Name 8 considerations of installing an economizer?

 3)    What do the symbols S.M.A.E. mean in an ASME stamp?

 4)    Why are holes drilled in an impulse stage?

 5)    Air heaters are defined by their principle of operation. Name the two (2) types.

 6)     Name 3 ways to control Nox and describe?

 7)      How do power plants practice reduced fuel consumption?

 8)      What is Entropy?

 9)      How are electric boilers rated?


 10)     What is a BTU? What is the mechanical equivalent of heat?

 11)     What is boiler efficiency? What is thermal efficiency of an steam engine?

 12)     Where would find the pressure piping stamp on a steam header of a boiler that requires two (2) stop valves located 50 feet apart?

 13)     What are the physical properties of steam?

 14)     What is saturated steam?  What is superheated steam?  Does one (1) pound of water have the same heat units as one (1) pound of steam?

 15)     What are the minimum gauges you would use to start a condensing turbine? What does an increase in 1st stage pressure indicate?

 16)     What readings would you get off of a typical flue gas analyzer?

 17)     Why is chloride indication in boiler water and feed water of importance?

 18)     Why do we have chemical treatment of feed water?

 19)     Why is it important to have foreign material removed from a boiler so as not to impede the rapid heat transfer from tube to water?


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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