1st Engineer Oral 09/31/1998
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1st Class Engineer Oral Exam 09/31/1998


 Inspector Feeney

 Explain safety valve frequency.

 DPW calls and tells you that they have to isolate the water main going to your fire tube boilers which supply steam to a hospital.  Itís the middle of winter and State law says room temperatures must be at least 68 degrees F.  What are your concerns?  How are you going to address them?

 Explain how a governor operates.  (3 types)

 Inspector Foley

 What is a gland exhauster?

 How would you perform a boiler efficiency test?

 What is an ultimate analysis?  What does it tell you?

 How can you determine enthalpy of steam with moisture?  What device would you use?


 Inspector Caputo

 What are the advantages of Gas -Tungsten Arc Welding?

 What is the difference between a Repair and an Alteration?

 What forms would you need to fill out for question #9?

 What is a blister?  What causes it to form?

 What is lamination?

 Can an unqualified welder weld on any part of the boiler proper?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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