1st Engineer Oral 04/13/1998
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 05/13/1998


Questions from written exam (i.e. MA DPS daily log, eddy-current testing).

You are Chief of your plant and are leaving on Friday afternoon.  What do you leave with your personal?

How would you perform a boiler efficiency test?

How would you go about setting up a water treatment program for a medium sized plant?

Explain a Zeolite water softener.

Why is sulfite added to a boiler?

What does phosphate do in a boiler?

What causes pitting in a boiler?

Perform an over speed test on a turbine-generator.


What other trips are there on a turbine?

In your plant tell what ASME stamp symbols you would find and where.

Where would you find a “PP” stamp and what does it stand for?

How do you know a welder that is going to weld in your plant is qualified?

How do welders become qualified?

How long does their qualification last?

Who oversees QC program that a contractor needs to obtain an “R” stamp?

How do they test welding procedures?

How do you find boiler horsepower?

Where do they get “34.5” from in the formula?

How do you know that a contractor is qualified to do pipefitting in your plant?

Explain how to replace a tube in a Cleaver-Brookes firetube boiler.

How would you perform a hydrostatic test?  How long would you hold it for?

What is the difference between a steam engine and a steam pump?

You are the Chief of a small plant and the DPW calls you and tells you that they just broke the only water main going into your plant, what do you do?

How do you find the makeup of what’s in your fuel?

What is vacuum creep and windage?

What is the most common reason for turbine outages?

How is a turbine aligned?

What type of thrust bearing do you have in your plant?

What are some other types?

Explain how a Kingsbury thrust bearing works.  How many sets of shoes

does it have?

What is a Curtis stage?

What is a Rateau stage?


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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