1st Engineer Written 09/04/96
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 09/04/1996


1.  According to Chapter 146, Section 34, at what pressure is an air receiver required to be inspected?

      a. Less than 50 psi                         c.  50 psi and greater

     b. Greater than 50 psi                     d.  Sec. 34 not applicable

 2.  Name 7 turbine trips.  (No generator connected)

 3.  Name 5 reasons for using superheated steam.

 4.  Name 5 causes of low vacuum in a surface condenser.

 5.  Find factor of evaporation.  Given Ws=1000, Hg=1050, Hf=150

      a. (1050 - 150 - 32) / 970.3                        c.  (1050 - 105) / 970.3

     b. 1000 (1050 - 150) / (970.3 x 34.5)         d.  1000 (1050 - 150 - 32) / 970.3

 6.  How would you control Oxygen in a boiler that requires 95% makeup?

 7.  Name the three forms of stress.  Provide sketches if needed.


 8.  You are the First Engineer at a plant with a boiler which has a bag.  How

     would you repair?

 9.  Find the rim speed of a turbine 3 feet in diameter, 6 inch shaft diameter, and

     running at 300 rpm.

 10.  What is oil-ash corrosion, and where is it found?

 11.  What is a grid valve, and where is it found?

 12.  What is an electrostatic precipitator, and how does it work?

 13.  What is babbit and what are two distinguishing qualities?

 14.  What are the requirements for safety valves on an electric boiler?

 15.  What are the “Affinity Laws?”

 16.  What are the four welding positions a welder can be qualified for?

 17.  What limits the superheat you can have in a turbine?

 18.  What are the 3 HRT pressure calculations?



Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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