1st Engineer 08-28-02
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 08/28/2002


1.      What pressure retaining devices are covered by chapter 146?

2.      Name 3 Tís of combustion?

3.      What is a Curtis Stage, why is it used?

4.      Size a safety valve for a new valve, how would you know it was right side?

5.      Name at least 5 heat loses in a boiler?

6.      Name 4 common tests for feed water, explain?

7.      Math problem?

8.      Why is it important to monitor steam pressure in various stages of turbine.? What use is this to engineer in charge?

9.      What do you find in flue gas analysis?  Explain.


10.  Why would a condensing turbine lose vacuum?

11.  Name two common solutions to dissolved O2 in boiler water.

12.  Name 4 devices to protect turbine, where are they connected?

13.  What is saturated steam, superheated steam?

14.  Does a pound of water have same heat units as a pound of steam

15.  Drum pressure versus super heater pressure. Explain differences vs. safety valves.

16.  Can you use Schedule 80 pipe with Schedule 40 fittings.

17.  What are Shrouds?  Why are they used?

18.  A boiler with no stamp how would you size the safety valve


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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