1st Engineers Written 11/16/95
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 11/16/1995


1. What can you do with a Second Class Engineer license?

     a.) What can you do with a Third Class Engineer license?

 2.  Can a soot blower valve be installed on the same super heater steam header as a safety valve?

 3.  What if any, of the following items can be installed on 1 inch piping between the water column and drum or gauge glass and drum?               

      a.) steam gauge, PSI             b.) Feed water regulator              c.) Fan damper

     b.) Your boilers stack temperature went up, give two reasons for this?

 4.  Over how many kilowatts on an electric boiler before you need a second safety valve?

      b.) An electric boiler has (4) 125,000 kilowatt electrodes.  How much safety relieving capacity is needed?  Show work.

 5.  What is the minimum and maximum water temperature when performing a hydrostatic pressure test on a boiler?  Explain each temperature.

 6.  A Scotch Marine boiler uses Pennsylvania oil with a BTU content of 20,700/lb.  The boiler M.A.W.P. is 200 PSI.  The safety valve relieves 8600 lbs/hr.  Is this safety valve capacity enough per the Code?  Boiler uses 500 lb of oil an hour, maximum.

 7.  What is the minimum diameter of an H.R.T. head with a manhole installed below the tubes?

     a.) What is the minimum diameter of an H.R.T. head with a manhole installed on top of the boiler, or in the head above the tubes?

 8.  What is a “backing strip” for?     a) Where would you find it?  Explain.

 9.  How long may a welder’s qualification last?  a.) Who holds or has the documentation on welders, repairs, and alterations?

 10.  Name 4 types of heads on boilers that don’t need stays.


 11.  Can you use a muffler on a safety valve?  Explain.

 12.  What causes corrosion and pitting in the boiler?  Explain.

 13.  A stoker-fired water wall boiler with a heating surface of 490 square feet, safety valve has 2 ˝” diameter.  (Referring to do with safety valve capacity.)

 14.  How do you conduct an over speed test of a turbine?  Explain fully.

 15.  How do you set the valves on a reciprocating pump?  Explain fully.

 16.  How much could a safety valve spring setting be changed at 300 PSI?    a:) How about 200 PSI?

       b.) Explain how these changes would have an effect on the safety valve.

 17.  Sketch a 200 PSI to 15 PSI reducing station.  Show all work.

 18. On an H.R.T. boiler, how thin can the shell plating get before you would have to reduce its pressure?

 19.  What is lamination?  How would you know if your boiler steel had it?

 20.  Your boiler has a bag and a blister.  What do each indicate which is more serious?  Explain.


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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