1st Engineer Written 07/29/98
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 07/29/1998


1.  Name three (3) ways to reduce NOX emissions.

 2.  You have a 100 BHP boiler at 50 PSI and a 100 BHP boiler at 100 PSI.  Can you use the same size safety valves for both boilers?  Explain.

 3.  A pump in a basement has a discharge pressure of 100 PSI.  What will be the    pressure on the 10th story, 100 feet up?

 4.  Two 60 Hz generators running at different speeds.  Can they be synchronized?  Explain.

 5.  Turbine heat rate is 10,000 BTU’s/hp.  What is the efficiency?

 6.  What is the minimum purge time in relation to furnace volume?

 7.  What is the advantage of a coordinated phosphate water treatment system     over a conventional phosphate water treatment system?

 8.  The specific gravity of a sample of oil is 0.92.  What is the API?

 9.  What are the advantages of Gas-Tungsten Arc Welding?

 10.  Explain why the specific weight of a fuel decreases as the heating value       of the fuel increases.

 11.  Factor of evaporation / Boiler horsepower problem.

 12.  What are cyclohexlamine, morpholine, and DEAE used for in the condensate system?

 13.  What is the main reason for a reheater?


 14.  What is an R-1 Form?

 15.  What is a change in entropy?  Explain.

 16.  Describe a wet-surface, air-cooled condenser.

 17.  What is a motor stators?

 18.  What is power factor and how is it calculated?

 19.  Why are stators made with steel laminations?

 20.  What effect does pressure have on water circulation by convection?

 a) What is the largest size pipe that a threaded safety valve connection maybe attached to?

 b) What are the rules for mufflers on safety valves? 

22.  What is ozone and how is it formed?

 23.  What is the primary cause of CO?  What is particulate matter and what can be done to reduce the same? 

25.  Steam flow through a pipe problem.


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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