1st Engineer Written 05/27/03
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 05/27/2003


  1. Name 3 methods use to remove particulates in a coal fired boiler
  2. Explain what a zeolite softer is and its operation
  3. Describe a stiff shaft, and flexible shaft turbine
  4. What is the purpose of flux on a welding rod
  5. In an impulse turbine is there a pressure drop in the wheel, where does it occur
  6. How do you check the over speed controls on a turbine
  7. You are ordering a new blow off tank for a boiler with 700 psi MAWP steam and water drum 42 diameter, 24 long, What code is used to determine the proper size of the blow down tank
  8. How do you calculate the efficiency of an engine
  9. List 6 common reasons for vibration in a turbine
  10. Where would you expect to find damage from excessive vibration
  11. Lube oil conditioner system 4 types describe all 4
  12. Give reasons for a temperature increase in cooling water in a condenser
  13. Why do we use an air pump or air ejector with a condenser
  14. List there ways to seal a turbine
  15. List two methods used to balance a turbine and explain one in detail
  16. What is Boyles law, What is Charles law
  17. Besides the lower maintenance costs give some reasons for the use of superheated steam in a plant
  18. PH increases 9-11 how much is the increase?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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