1st Engineer Written 03-24-98
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 03/24/1998


 1.  a) How is eddy current noted during a test?

     b) How is magnetic flux noted during an eddy current test?

     c) What is the frequency of the alternating current used?

 2.  Name 5 non-destructive tests and explain each.

 3.  What does a Charpy V-Notch determine?

 4.  What is the ratio when determining concentrations in a boiler?

 5.  What information is contained on a Mass. DPS daily record form?

 6.  Name at least 5 boiler losses.

 7.  Name 4 protective devices on a turbine and how are they all connected?

 8.  Boiler horsepower and factor of evaporation problem.

 9.  Turbine horsepower water rate problem.

 10.  A pump is operating at a speed of 1800 rpm and a discharge pressure of 100 psig, if the speed is increased to 3000 rpm, what will be the new discharge pressure?


 11.  What is the main reason a reheater is used?

 12.  What does creep cause and why should we be concerned?

 13.  What determines when we switch from a round water glass to a flat water glass according to code?  Be specific!

 14.  What is endpoint of circulation?

 15.  Lay up a boiler wet.

 16. Given weight of a fuel oil and weight of water and want to know the specific gravity.

 17.  Explain a governor on an extraction turbine.

 18.  What does magnesium chloride cause to happen in a boiler?

 19.  What are a static and a dynamic balance?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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