1st Engineer Written 01/28/03
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1st Class Engineer Written Test 01/28/2003


1.     Condenser problem, barometric pressure 29.4, vacuums on condenser 26, what is the PSIA?

2.     Efficiency gained in fuel savings by increase feed water from 120f to 180F?

3.     What is electrolysis?

4.     What is exfoliation

5.     Explain

a)     compression

b)    elongation

c)     shearing

6.     What type of energy transformation causes a turbine to spin?

7.     What is the relationship between drum and superheated steam pressure and safety valves pressures?

8.     What is high heating value and how is it different than low heating value.

9.     50 lbs. of ice placed into 100 lbs. of 200f water, what is the final water temperature?

10.  Which way does a turbine expand?

11.  If a welder is qualified to weld on a tube in a boiler, can he do any welding repair to the internal piping of a boiler, explain fully?


12.  Explain the relationship between impulse and reaction turbines

A)   Expansion

B)   Blade speed

      C)   Staging

      D) Losses in a turbine

13. How do you allow for tube expansion in a condenser three ways?

14. Formula for boiler efficiency?

15. Stop and non-return valves locate 50 apart where would you find the pressure piping sign?

16. A cylinder 6 by 8, how many gallons does it hold?

17. Draw labyrinth packing and explain.

18. What are chlorides?

19. What is CO2 and what effect does it have on PH?

20. What is stress corrosion?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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