1st Engineer Oral10/10/2006
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1st Class Engineer Oral Exam 10/10/2006



Tell me about your plant

Do you ever leave your plant?

Re-tube a fire tube boiler

Your company brought a boiler in from Connecticut, as chief, what do you need to do?

Your fireman calls you at two in the morning with a bag in one of your two boilers, You are the chief of the plant, what do you do?

Are you familiar with duplex pumps? How do you set the valve timing on a duplex pump? (Looking for the long answer I believe). The pump will not run, what are you missing? (Uncover the steam port to one of the cylinders?)

The same fireman calls you at two in the morning and cannot get the duplex pump to run, what do you do?

Lets move on, You have a coal pipe plug, what do you do?

Your heat rate is dropping off, what might be the causes? Vacuum is OK.

What can you do as a First?

Are you familiar with B & W boilers? Tell me about the ones you have encountered (did not want to hear about the Maritime ones I operated)



What type and size of boilers do you have at your plant?

What is operating pressure?

What is M.A.W.P.?

What are the safety valves set at? How many on each boiler?

What type of DA do you have? What is the M.A.W.P.? What is the safety set at? What do you operate it at?

What type of emission controls do you have? What do you monitor going out the stack at your plant?

What sort of O2ís are you running?

Tell me about your feed water treatment program (external and internal to boilers)

Why do you use Volamines?

You said you work on boilers outside your plant too, what kind of efficiencies do you get? What O2ís do you run?


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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