1st Engineer Oral 06/02/04
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1st Class Engineer Oral Exam 06/02/2004


Inspector Pineryo

             Asked about plants that I worked at and describe all components.

            What safety devices do I have at the plant for the GT and ST?

Inspector Bucherre

             What else besides reheat and intercept valves will prevent a turbine from over speeding after a turbine trip?

            There are some distinct differences between impulse and reaction type turbines to deal with thrust. Explain what they are, why they are that way?

            Describe a dummy piston.

            What is Enthalpy, Entropy, adiabatic and isentropic?

            What is P1 and  P2 in respects to welding?

            Pipe up an extraction line from turbine to feed water heater.

            Describe a reaction and impulse turbines.


Inspector Moore

 What are the pressure calculations for a HRT?

             What code do you use to find the pressure and temperature rating for piping?

            What are the piping requirements for steam and feed water per the code?

            What are the piping requirements for blow down on a boiler?

            Describe a governor on a reaction turbine?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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