1st Engineers Oral 03-22-01
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1st Class Engineer Oral Exam 03/22/2001


1.   Name three ways that allow for casing expansion on a steam turbine.

2.   What is the National Board?

3.   What is the requirement for re-ending tubes according to the National Board?               

4.    Explain how a masoneilan valve works.

5.    Explain two ways to calculate boiler efficiency.

6.    How would you calculate plant efficiency?

7     How would you calculate turbine efficiency?

8.    Explain a hydrogen cooling system for a generator?

9.    What are the requirements for repairing a badly wasted manhole flange?

10.  Is a groove or fillet weld used for repairing a badly wasted manhole flange?

11.  In a weld, what are the root, throat, face and toe?


12.  According to the National Board, what two ways are used to test safety valves?

13.  How would adjust for blow down on a nozzle reaction type safety valve?

14.  What are the code requirements for piping up a boiler?

15.  Explain Ohms Law.

16.  How do you calculate voltage?

17.  Explain the differences between a wet scrubbing and dry scrubbing system regarding flue-gas de-sulfurization?

18.  What is the specific heat of air, nitrogen, and steam?

19.   Explain how a throttling calorimeter works.

20.   How do you calculate for flue-gas heat loss?

21.   Explain the difference between a conventional phosphate program and  

         coordinated phosphate program.

22.   Explain why you wouldn’t use sodium sulfite at higher steam pressures.

23.   Why is sodium sulfite used?

24.   What are three ways to reduce NOx?

25.   What is the chemical reaction in a wet scrubbing system?

26.   What advantages and disadvantages are there when using hydrazine for feed water treatment?

27.   What effect will hydrazine have in a condensate return system?

28.   Name several losses in a boiler.

29.   How would you measure the specific gravity of fuel oil.

30.   Name the parts of a masoneilan valve.

31.   What causes the pilot valve to open on a masoneilan valve?

32.   Explain how you would test for chlorides, pH, alkalinity, conductivity, and hardness.

33.   Name three ways to allow for tube expansion in a surface condenser.

34.   Name three ways to support a condenser.

35.   How do you calculate the steam rate on a turbine.

36.   What are a WPS and PQR in reference to welding?

37.   How do you know if the welding company is qualified to do welding on a boiler.

38.   What is selective catalytic reduction?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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