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Test your Knowledge

If two 2 inch safety valves and one 3 inch safety valve are connected to a common discharge header. What is the size of the discharge pipe?
3 inch discharge pipe
4 inch discharge pipe
5.5 inch discharge pipe

1.) How many BTU's in a mechanical horse-power hour?

2.) What fossil fuel has the highest combustion efficiency
Pulverized coal
#6 fuel oil

3.) What is soduim sulfite used for in a boiler?
Lower the PH of the water
Remove hardness in the water
Remove oxgen in the water

4.) What turbine is more efficent?
Non Condensing turbine
Condensing turbine

5.) Which safety valve should be set to pop first?
The safey valves on the super heater.
The safety valve on the boiler.

6.) When steam goes through a pressure reducing valve the steam temperature does what?
The steam temperature goes up.
The steam temperature goes down.
The temperature of the steam stays the same.

7.) The total pressure in a condenser equeals the sum of the partial pressure due to the vapor and the partial pressure due to the air.

8.) In a reaction turbine the steam expands only in the fixed blades?