3rd Class Engineer Written 11/29/2012

1. What are the safety valve requirements such as how many and capacity required for an HRT oil fired boiler with 625 sq. ft. of water wall heating surface with an operating pressure of 125 psi?
2. What type of staging is used in a terry turbine?
3. What are the effects of sulfur?
4. The flash point of a residual fuel determines what temperature it can be heated to?
5. The centrifugal force created in the blades if absorbed by which bearing?
6. What is the horse power of the following boiler: HRT boiler, oil fired, 12,080 pounds per hour, 1,510 sq. ft. of heating surface?
7. What is the procedure for a power burner in automatic that is oil fired and has a pilot flame?
8. What is boiler water tested for, what are the tests and what chemicals are added.
9. Which of the following determines the temperature that fuel oil can be heated for atomization?
10. Btu’s per Boiler Horse Power? How do you get that number?
11. What are the requirements for safety valves singularly mounted?
12. What are the requirements for less than 2 safety valves, singularly mounted? When is more than one safety valve required?
13. How do you perform a hydrostatic test on a boiler?
14. What is a velocity compounding staging?
15. Air in a condenser causes?
16. What type of condenser is cooled by circulating water?
17. What is the dew point temperature in the stack? What happens?
18. What are the advantages of water tube compared to fire tube boilers?
19. What is kinetic energy?
20. Heating surface of a tube that has a diameter of 4” and is 16’ long?

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